Partnered guilds


3D Gamers Guild is a content & esports gaming DAO building the crypto gaming movement. We are founded by competitive and pro gamers from Cloud 9. Our mission is to create the content organization behind crypto gaming, similarities to a 100 Thieves meets crypto gaming. Being positioned in the US, and having pro gaming experience as US gamers we look to onboard the US gaming population to crypto gaming, which we believe will be the biggest value add to the ecosystem with US gaming revenues coming in at $85B in 2021. We have 4 content creators currently and are looking to grow our team. We create content on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and Tiktok. The had the #1 stream for crypto games like Big Time and Metaops. We are the first guild launching a token on Solana, and are backed by some of the biggest Solana names, Sol Big Brain & Sol Buckets. Shima Capital is our lead investor.


Dynamic Crypto Gaming aims to be the utmost welcoming web3.0 DAO, optimized for educating and empowering our members to engage in a mass-adopted, Esports-centric metaverse.


Jackpot is an innovative Gaming Guild DAO, leveraging Web3 technology to open the doors of the metaverse to all gamers, with over 3000 members, Jackpot Guild provides opportunities to gamers in Play-to-Earn, Esports, DeFi and Cryptocurrency Education.


Infinite Mana, aka [8M], once known as Team Mythic, started in 2019 as Gods Unchained's first pro team. The team is comprised of a mix of tech professionals, blockchain specialists, competitive gamers, and professional poker players from around the world.

Infinite Mana is sponsored by E1337 Pro, digital and physical esports wearables.



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